• Kilimatinde Trust  (Est 1997) assists the poorest region (Singida) in Tanzania in education, health and development.



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  • “The Kilimatinde Trust has been a friend of the Diocese of the Rift Valley since 1997.  It is a charity whose focus is only the Diocese of the Rift Valley. 

    Many individuals have worked and contributed through the Kilimatinde Trust to bring about hundreds of young people' education through their sponsorship schemes.  They have also built dormitories, classrooms and the science laboratories at St John's as well as the dam in Kilimatinde.  They have assisted in a number of projects across the diocese supporting pastors, churches, environment projects, HIV/AIDs schemes to name but a few. 

    They are able through their charitable status in the UK to magnify peoples donations.  They have no UK administrative or personnel  costs which ensure all the donations come directly to the DRV and I would encourage you to support us through the Kilimatinde Trust"

    The Rt Revd John Daudi Lupaa

    Bishop of the Rift  Valley